Erin and Jerry~ A Grand Inheritance Wedding~ Nashville wedding photographer

Precious is the only word that can describe Erin and Jerry’s wedding. Absolutely and totally from first moment to last….. PRECIOUS! Erin is just about the sweetest thing you will ever meet and Jerry absolutely adores her. Watching them together surrounded by family and friends just made my heart swell!! Here is a look into their day!

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Erin and Jerry, you two are AMAZING together!!!


Special thank you to Amilia Photography for some of these awesome images!!


Elexis and Matthew~ Mint Springs Farm~ Nashville wedding photographer

Oh.MY.Gosh was an absolutely stunning wedding day! Everything about Elexis and Matthew’s gorgeous wedding was perfection especially the way these two are together. LOVE love loved this wedding!! Here are a few from their day!

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Elexis and Matthew you two are amazing together!! It was such a joy to document your day!!


Special thank you to Amilia Photography for some of these awesome images and all your fantastic skills! :)

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Audrey and Seth~ A Nashville wedding at the Cordelle~ Nashville wedding photographer

Audrey and Seth’s gorgeous wedding was held on a beautifully sprinkly day at the Cordelle in Nashville.  Such an amazing backdrop for a wonderful wedding! Here are a few beautiful, emotional and super fun images from their day!

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Special thank you to Kate Anthony Photography for some of these awesome images!